For over three decades, Creative Designs has emphasized superior design and project quality. We are truly a custom home builder, rarely building same house twice. As a result of our success, Vantage Homes was launched to cover the starter home market. The founding company president continues to critically review or create each and every plan we build. In addition, every home that is constructed is personally supervised by one of our principals—ensuring quality construction, craftsman excellence, and timely completion.

Our History

After completing his drafting program at Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta with a near-perfect grade point average, Gordon Skene embarked on his career as an apprentice homebuilder in Lloydminster. He soon began his own company, Creative Designs, and specialized in the design and construction of custom homes. A Creative Designs home was distinct for its timeless style which also complemented the neighbourhood and landscape surrounding it.

Darrik Reiber joined the organization as a partner in 1991 and the company continued to grow as they expanded into commercial construction, neighbourhood planning, and multi-home developments. The families of Creative Designs purchased their first home in the Okanagan in 1997 as a holiday retreat. A passion for the lifestyle and beauty of the area soon lead to construction opportunities in the Okanagan Valley.

The company has continued to build exceptional homes and multi-family developments which have enhanced the communities they are in.

Our Core Values


Dedication to family, in all of its forms, is what propels our decisions and our day-to-day operations. Family is a positive, grounding force and always comes first.


Creative Designs & Vantage Homes strongly believes in loyalty to our team of contractors, partners and staff, as well as our homeowners. This loyalty ensures a happier environment for all and a greater commitment to our work.


We believe in saying what we mean and doing what we say. Our word is our greatest possession and we vow to treat it with the care it deserves.


Our homes can’t stand the test of time if they aren’t designed and built with great care and attention to detail, raising the standards of quality in home construction.


We take responsibility for our work and our actions, remaining accountable to our homeowners and ourselves at every stage of our home design and construction process.


Creative Designs & Vantage Homes has the highest regard for people and our relationships with them. It is with this respect that we communicate and work with one another.

Our Mission

To support families by crafting homes that are homemade, designed for your life and built to last many lifetimes.

Our homes are the timeless backdrop to a life where laughs are shared, memories are made, and love is welcome for generations to come. We welcome our homeowners to become a cherished part of our team’s loyal, tight-knit family, and share in the warmth of our kinship.